Story of COOXS

Some say taste is subjective, but what if it isn't? What if pure beauty exists? Welcome to the world of COOXS. A world where design and outdoor living seamlessly blend together. A world of serene elegance and elemental balance. We create exceptional outdoor kitchens that satisfy that deep longing in each of us. A craving for ultimate beauty and pure perfection. Together, we create spaces that invite connection. Outdoor kitchens that become the beating heart of your garden. Dream big and enjoy intensely. Beauty has a name: COOXS!

  • Gerard and Christiaan, passionate founders of COOXS

    In a world where offices, traffic jams, and stress have become commonplace, there is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing at home. COOXS' response to this is a gathering place in the garden. A place that charms, where the day comes to its full completion. At an exceptional COOXS outdoor kitchen.

  • The dream of COOXS

    The COOXS story started with a dream. The dream of COOXS: an outdoor kitchen with the comfort of an indoor kitchen. Not an extension of the home, but an ultimate outdoor haven for precious moments. Moments that become memories. Dream big and enjoy intensely.


Attention makes everything more beautiful. Everything we do, we do with full focus and dedication. We believe that excellence demands attention to every detail and dedication at every moment, even when no one is watching. Outdoors, where the rising dew effortlessly reaches every place; that's where a COOXS thrives.

COOXS’ memory lane

  • 2018

    From years of experience and a passion for outdoor living, Christiaan and Gerard, founders of COOXS, saw that the development of outdoor kitchens had come to a standstill. The central role of the indoor kitchen was missing outdoors, and they saw an opportunity for COOXS. The foundation was laid.

  • 2019

    The strong drive for a high-end outdoor kitchen resulted in an intensive process of research and development. In early 2019, COOXS introduced the first outdoor kitchens, constructed from high-quality materials and meticulously completed down to the finest details. Soon, the first projects followed, and the first installations became a reality.

  • 2020

    The breakthrough could not be delayed. In a year when an epidemic determined life, the role of outdoor living became more important than ever. An outdoor kitchen became an essential part of extraordinary garden designs. More and more outdoor enthusiasts discovered COOXS.

  • 2021

    The rapid growth of COOXS transformed into turbulent growth in 2021. Without losing sight of quality, we produce outdoor kitchen after outdoor kitchen. Team COOXS grew along with it, and we also made new strides in technical development.

  • 2022

    The answer to an exciting five-year journey came in 2022 with the introduction of innovations within the 'COOXS Collects' series and a new marketing campaign: 'COOXS, Beauty has a name.' A new chapter for a strongly evolved creature that secures the future.

  • 2023

    The future of COOXS unfolds further with several groundbreaking steps. The unique COOXS concept is being introduced in Belgium and Switzerland, and the 'COOXS Carrier' is being launched.

  • 2024

    More and more people are enjoying the comfort of COOXS. In 2024, COOXS chooses to bring the brand to life even more and kicks off the year with the exclusive event 'COOXS Live'. Additionally, the international strategy is further developed with participation in the Milan Design Week.

Your dream outdoor kitchen

Your dream outdoor kitchen

Do you dream of an exceptional outdoor kitchen? COOXS can make this dream come true. Step by step, we will gladly create your own outdoor kitchen. It all starts with a visit to the COOXS studio in Kootwijkerbroek. Here, we will discuss your wishes and show you all the possibilities.

Bespoke design

Bespoke design

Once your wishes have been put on paper and the initial design choices have been made, we will create a personalized 3D design for you. This design provides a complete picture of what your COOXS outdoor kitchen will look like. Additionally, you will receive a clear, itemized quote with all the details of this kitchen design.

Expert Realization

Expert Realization

Your own COOXS will be installed by our professional outdoor kitchen installers. These are true craftsmen with a passion for luxury outdoor kitchens and fine materials. Within 12 working weeks, our professionals will come to install your outdoor kitchen and make your outdoor living dream come true.

Guaranteed Enjoyment

Guaranteed Enjoyment

Look at it there, your own COOXS outdoor kitchen. Isn't it time for you to enjoy it yourself? And even more importantly, you can enjoy it for many years to come. We stand behind the carefully selected materials. If something goes wrong unexpectedly, we will resolve it.

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