Entrepreneurship with exceptional outdoor kitchens

Building a brand together

Since 2018, COOXS has been developing and producing exceptional outdoor kitchens. Every day, a team of professionals works not only on creating the most beautiful products but also on building an irresistible brand. The combination of the product and the brand is incredibly strong and ready for international expansion. Discover the opportunities of entrepreneurship with COOXS and become a dealer of unparalleled quality.

(Almost) anything is possible

First, we look at the design and the desired shape of the outdoor kitchen. This is entirely dependent on the situation and the clients preferences. Fortunately, with COOXS' custom concept, (almost) anything is possible! Whether they want a straight kitchen, one with a corner, or choose options like a bar or integrated table. The designers will create a suitable design.


Collaboration is in the DNA of COOXS. We believe that good cooperation starts with a personal relationship and a solid, mutually beneficial business arrangement. Are we going to work together? First, we take ample time to get to know each other. We warmly welcome you to COOXS and are happy to visit your location as well.

We offer a business concept that ensures a win-win situation. COOXS provides maximum support in marketing, sales support, and technical areas. You will be the face of the company in your region, with sales, installation, and aftersales as your main tasks.

For COOXS, quality takes precedence over quantity. It's essential that we are a good fit and share a common vision. We are looking for entrepreneurs with a passion for design and outdoor living. Ideally, you have a strong team that can successfully complete the most challenging projects and a network in the local outdoor living industry.