3 tips for choosing the best spot for your outdoor kitchen

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Having a kitchen in the garden is truly delightful. Whether for long summer evenings in the garden or to savor outdoor living even in early spring. But where in the garden does the outdoor kitchen truly shine? On the terrace close to the house, or perhaps farther away in the garden? Here are our tips to guide you in choosing the optimal spot for your outdoor kitchen.

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Lifestyle varies for each individual, and so does the way of outdoor living.

Tip 1: How do you want to experience outdoor living?

Every person has a unique lifestyle, and so does their approach to outdoor living. If you prefer comfort with all amenities close by, consider placing your outdoor kitchen near your home. Having an outdoor kitchen (and terrace) close to your house also means being near a cozy seating area if the evening gets cooler. This way, you can continue barbecuing while your guests stay warm indoors.

If you lean towards a more authentic, pure outdoor living experience, opt for a spot farther from your house – a location immersed in nature. As the temperature drops, create a charming campfire to enhance the outdoor ambiance. Even in this remote setting, a COOXS outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy the convenience of a spot closer to home: equipped with a refrigerator for chilled drinks and a comprehensive barbecue for the most delicious dishes.

Tip 2: Consider the Sun

The sun is wonderful and can provide a lot of comfort, especially in the spring and fall. However, it can also become bothersome, especially when it starts to set in the evening and shines directly into your eyes – a familiar scenario. Therefore, opt for a location that offers flexibility. With effective sunshades, you can prevent discomfort and enjoy your outdoor kitchen throughout the entire year.

Tip 3: How often do you want to cook outdoors?

It's important to realize that the farther your kitchen is from your home, the less likely you may be to cook outdoors regularly. If you can see the kitchen shining from your home, you'll be tempted to start cooking outside with the first rays of sunlight. On the other hand, if the kitchen is placed farther away, you might not think of using it as often and may primarily reserve it for long summer evenings with friends and family.

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