Cooking outdoors with induction? Discover the benefits here.

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When thinking about an outdoor kitchen, the barbecue often comes to mind. While it's a fantastic way to cook outdoors, there are many other possibilities that may not have crossed your mind but can offer great comfort. In this blog, we'll delve into outdoor cooking on induction, uncovering its advantages for an enhanced outdoor living experience.

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An induction cooktop has a sleek appearance with a modern finish

Alone or in combination with a barbecue

You're probably familiar with induction cooking in the indoor kitchen. This new cooking method not only fits well with gas-free construction but is also very convenient. Since induction is also available for an outdoor kitchen, you can choose to use it as the central cooking option. This allows you to easily prepare all the dishes you normally cook indoors, outdoors.

If you see the benefits but still want to enjoy barbecue, opt for a combination of a barbecue and induction. With this combination, you have flexibility and can easily prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. How about a delicious sauce to accompany your meat dish?

Convenience in maintenance with induction

Not only is induction extremely comfortable when it comes to cooking, but you'll also enjoy its ease of maintenance in your outdoor kitchen. Since the induction surface consists only of a glass plate on the top, you can easily clean it. A simple wipe, and the induction is as good as new.

Induction fits into modern design

An induction cooktop has a sleek appearance with a modern finish. This aesthetic complements the design of a contemporary outdoor kitchen. The absence of unnecessary details places the focus entirely on the kitchen in the design of your outdoor space, rather than on the induction cooktop. It's the art of minimalism combined with optimal cooking comfort.

If you're still undecided between induction and gas burners, this blog explains everything about gas burners in a COOXS outdoor kitchen, helping you make an informed decision.

What is best for your situation?

Are you looking for an outdoor kitchen with induction, or perhaps exploring other possibilities for outdoor cooking? The experts at COOXS are ready to guide you through all the options, helping you discover the best way to cook outdoors that suits your needs. Schedule an appointment now in our inspiring Studio.