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With a custom outdoor kitchen, you have many possibilities. A lot of possibilities, in fact. In this blog, we highlight 4 unique possibilities that you might not have thought of. Read on quickly and discover how to take your outdoor kitchen to the 'next level'.

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Christiaan Morren
custom outdoor kitchen custom kitchen for the outdoors
With a custom outdoor kitchen, you have many possibilities

1. In Style with Your Indoor Kitchen

You have thoughtfully considered your indoor kitchen, choosing beautiful colors, high-quality materials, and accessories that perfectly suit your desires. But did you know that you can do the same with your outdoor kitchen? Now, you might think: how is this possible, an indoor kitchen can't be placed outside, can it? That last part is certainly true. That's why we at COOXS have designed an outdoor kitchen with the looks and the possibilities of your indoor kitchen. This way, your outdoor kitchen becomes not only a very comfortable spot but also a real eye-catcher in your garden.

2. Induction in Your Outdoor Kitchen

A gas or charcoal barbecue is, of course, a possibility in your outdoor kitchen. But did you know that there are many more options for outdoor cooking? Consider, for example, chic gas burners or induction in your outdoor kitchen. This option is ideal if you enjoy cooking outdoors but are maybe not as fond of barbecuing. Or as an addition to the barbecue: perfect for warm sauces or an extra dish alongside the barbecue.

Tip: It looks like induction but is actually something different: a teppanyaki. On the stainless steel plate, you can easily prepare some vegetables or a tasty piece of meat, all without a pan. A teppanyaki can also be built for outdoor use.

3. Even More Warmth: A Built-in Fireplace

An outdoor kitchen is more than just cooking outside. It's also a place where you enjoy time with friends and family into the late hours, long after the sun has set. Then, some extra warmth and ambiance are always welcome. For this, you can have a fireplace built into your outdoor kitchen. If you have an outdoor kitchen with a bar, you might consider a beautiful, small tabletop fireplace to gather around. Another option is to install a large fireplace in the outdoor kitchen for optimal warmth and ambiance.

4. Lighting in Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Can't get enough of the outdoors? Then you'll probably want to enjoy your custom outdoor kitchen into the late hours. Besides the warmth of the fireplace, lighting then becomes very important. But did you know that you can also incorporate this lighting into your outdoor kitchen? We can install LED strips in multiple places to beautifully highlight the design of your outdoor kitchen. This way, design and comfort are optimally balanced even in the evening.

Want to discuss all the options for your outdoor kitchen with a real expert? Contact us for a completely non-binding consultation. Together we will discuss your dreams, the situation, and all possibilities. This way, we can come up with the perfect design and you can soon fully enjoy the comfort of outdoor cooking.