Outdoor Kitchen of Metal, Stainless Steel or Steel

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You want an outdoor kitchen to enjoy outdoor living, socialize, relax, and cook – not for extra maintenance in your garden. While every product needs cleaning from time to time, the chosen materials play a significant role in maintenance. That's why all COOXS outdoor kitchens are made of metal. With the luxurious and robust powder coating, a metal outdoor kitchen is not only very practical but also of high-quality design. However, there are many types of metals. The most well-known metal types are Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. What are the differences between these metal types, and which does COOXS recommend (and use)? Read on to find out.

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All COOXS outdoor kitchens are made of metal

The Different Types of Metal

Metal is a collective term for a large group of metals. From precious metals (gold, copper, etc.) to structural metals like steel or stainless steel (RVS in Dutch). Metals are almost always alloys of multiple raw materials. For example, steel is an alloy of iron, carbon, and other metallic elements. Besides steel, stainless steel and aluminum are also alloys of multiple raw materials.

Steel: Familiar, Massively Available, and Prone to Rust

Steel is the most common type of metal. It is widely available at good prices and is used for various purposes, from cars to skyscrapers. Steel is strong and hard, and it can be easily worked through welding. Despite the many advantages of steel, we at COOXS consciously do not use steel. Why? Because of rust. When steel is finished with a powder coating, it provides protection against rust. However, it will eventually happen: you accidentally drop something on the outdoor kitchen, causing a small imperceptible damage. At that moment, the powder coating is no longer effective, and the kitchen will start to rust on its own. That's why we consider steel unsuitable for a COOXS outdoor kitchen.

Aluminum: Lightweight, Harder to Work with, and Never Rusts

What about aluminum? Aluminum is an outlier in the metal industry. It is three times lighter than steel and not prone to rust. Additionally, aluminum is a softer material than steel or stainless steel (RVS in Dutch). This makes aluminum more challenging to work with, especially when it comes to welding, which requires more attention than with steel or stainless steel.

At COOXS, we make all our outdoor kitchens from aluminum, whether it's the cabinets, drawers, fronts, or shelves. The reason is straightforward. Due to the lightweight nature of aluminum, we have flexibility in design, allowing us to create ultra-sleek constructions. Sharp lines, straight shapes, and intricate details become possible. Combine that with the fact that aluminum doesn't rust, and you'll understand why we choose this high-quality material!

RVS: Luxury Appearance, Even Untreated

Stainless steel, or RVS as it is commonly known (an abbreviation for Roest Vast Staal, meaning rust-resistant steel in Dutch), is renowned for its beautiful appearance. The deep shine, optionally brushed for a rougher look, is already quite attractive even without being treated with a powder coating. For accessories such as sinks and faucets, as well as hardware like hinges and sliders, we at COOXS gladly make use of this high-quality material.

Firstly, concerning sinks and faucets, stainless steel is not susceptible to rust, making it suitable for an outdoor kitchen. Additionally, it is easy to clean and highly hygienic, which is particularly advantageous for a sink with a faucet. Did you know that you can also get stainless steel in special colors? How about elegant gold or copper, or perhaps rugged gunmetal? The possibilities are diverse.

Hinges and sliders are typically made of steel, as you read above, we don't find it suitable due to the risk of rust. Aluminum is too soft for hinges and sliders and might deteriorate over time. That's why stainless steel is so perfectly fitting for these components—beautiful, sleek, and also suitable for outdoor use!

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