Outdoor kitchen on rooftop terrace: these are the must-haves

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Especially in densely populated cities, but sometimes also in smaller villages, there are many rooftop terraces. Because precisely in busy places, it's wonderful to enjoy comfortable outdoor living. And you can achieve this with an atmospheric and complete rooftop terrace. In this blog, we'll explain why an outdoor kitchen on your rooftop terrace is essential and which accessories should adorn the outdoor kitchen on your rooftop terrace.

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Fresh, running water is an essential element in your outdoor kitchen

Why a rooftop terrace is truly complete with a luxurious outdoor kitchen

As experts in outdoor living and cooking, we encounter many situations, including beautiful rooftop terraces. Often with a sublime view and spacious layout. We hear the stories of the users, enjoying the sun and facing the challenges of rooftop living. A common concern is the distance of a rooftop terrace from the amenities inside the home. It's often a long walk for a refreshing drink or a tasty snack, creating a barrier to fully enjoying the rooftop.

The installation of an outdoor kitchen solves this problem. All the amenities for a comfortable summer afternoon with a view are within reach. Whether it's a fridge stocked with refreshing drinks or a barbecue for the most delightful dishes, everything together ensures ultimate comfort.

The basics: a sink with a faucet

Fresh, running water is essential in your outdoor kitchen. With a sleek built-in sink and faucet, you can always grab a refreshing glass of water, wash your hands while cooking, or quickly wash some dishes for dinner.

And a sink with a faucet can also be a real eye-catcher in your outdoor kitchen, especially if you opt for the exclusive line of sinks and faucets in a black, gold, or copper finish.

Always have a drink nearby with a luxury outdoor refrigerator

Especially on a hot summer day, there's nothing better than a refreshing drink. With a built-in Outdoor Cooler, such a drink is always within reach. The refrigerator is fully suitable for outdoor use and can be seamlessly integrated into your COOXS outdoor kitchen.

You can easily set the temperature of your Outdoor Cooler, ensuring that your drink is always at the perfect temperature. And thanks to the built-in lighting, the drinks are beautifully presented, and you can see what you're grabbing even in the evening.

Barbecue or multifunctional gas burners?

What could be more comfortable than preparing a delicious dish while enjoying the pleasant sun and the sublime view? For this, you can choose from multiple cooking options.

A popular choice is a gas or charcoal barbecue, such as the Beefeater gas barbecue or a Big Green Egg. This gives you the true outdoor cooking experience, allowing you to prepare the most authentic dishes effortlessly. If you prefer even more comfort and want to cook just like in your indoor kitchen, that's possible too; consider options like the induction from Indu+ or the gas burners from PITT cooking.

Experience it in our Studio

Would you like to truly experience our outdoor kitchens and explore the possibilities for your rooftop terrace? Schedule an appointment in our inspiring Studio. We'd be delighted to guide you around, share information about the possibilities, and create a tailored plan for your rooftop terrace.