Outdoor Kitchen with LED Lighting: Enhanced Comfort and Luxury

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The outdoor kitchen is the heart of your terrace. The place where indoor and outdoor come together, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of outdoor living on warm summer evenings until the late hours. It's not surprising that outdoor kitchens are now being designed with more comprehensive features. A common desire is to incorporate lighting into the outdoor kitchen. In this blog, we'll share everything about the comfort of LED lighting in your outdoor kitchen and the available possibilities.

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Christiaan Morren
outdoor kitchen with led lighting led strip inlite outdoor kitchen
The outdoor kitchen is the heart of your terrace

Why lighting in your outdoor kitchen

There are several reasons why well-integrated lighting in your outdoor kitchen is essential. Firstly, there's the comfort of having lighting in the late hours. When the sun has long set, it's often still delightful to be outside in the summer. With lighting, you can continue to see your guests and dishes, which is practical.

Another reason is the design. With LED lighting, you can add even more character to your custom-designed outdoor kitchen. Emphasize that atmospheric bar or make your outdoor kitchen appear to float with strategically placed and flexibly adjustable LED lighting. Always neatly concealed and easy to control.

LED strip under the bar

Outdoor kitchens are increasingly designed with a bar at the rear or as an extension of the kitchen. This allows friends and family to easily and enjoyably join in during barbecues, ensuring a guaranteed atmosphere. To accentuate this bar, LED lighting is incorporated into the countertop, under the bar.

The LED lighting is easy to control via a remote control and an app, allowing you to set it from warm white to all possible colors. Ideal for creating extra ambiance during a party.

LED strip at the base: let your outdoor kitchen float

For an even more unique effect in your outdoor kitchen, consider adding an LED strip at the base. Placing lighting here gives the kitchen an optical floating effect, creating a unique ambiance in the evening.

Our recommendation is to choose subtle white light for this location. This creates a beautiful effect while remaining a subtle detail. This LED lighting is also easy to control with a remote control, app, or a switch in your kitchen.

More information?

Can't wait until your outdoor kitchen with integrated lighting is realized? Contact our outdoor living experts, and we'll introduce you to all the possibilities. Schedule an appointment here at your home or in the Studio in Kootwijkerbroek [NL].