The 4 Must-Have Accessories for Your Outdoor Kitchen

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An outdoor kitchen is a delightful extension of your indoor kitchen – the most relaxing space in your home that guarantees hours of cooking and outdoor living enjoyment. To complete your outdoor kitchen, COOXS offers essential accessories. Here are the 4 must-have accessories for your COOXS outdoor kitchen!

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Christiaan Morren
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An outdoor kitchen is a delightful extension of your indoor kitchen

1. Big Green Egg barbecue

The absolute number 1 for the true barbecue enthusiast. The Big Green Egg has a significant difference compared to a traditional charcoal barbecue, and that is its large, green cocoon – the Egg. Made from high-quality ceramic with a lifetime guarantee, it allows you to precisely set the temperature within a 5-degree range. With this precision, you can prepare the most delicious dishes, whether it's a juicy steak or a homemade apple pie.

2. Sink with Faucet

A sink with a faucet is not only a practical extension of your outdoor kitchen but also adds value to the design. Sinks and faucets are available in stunning colors, including copper, gold, and gunmetal. When seamlessly integrated with a COOXS outdoor kitchen, it creates a splendid overall picture. If you're not a fan of the mentioned colors, you can, of course, opt for a stainless steel sink and faucet.

3. Outdoor Refrigerator

A refrigerator for the outdoors? Absolutely! Therefrigerator ensures that you will enjoy your outdoor kitchen even more. With an outdoor refrigerator, you always have your drinks at hand, chilled and ready. The built-in LED lighting highlights the contents beautifully, making it a refrigerator that deserves to be showcased.

4. PITT Cooking gas burners

A gas burner is, of course, a fantastic addition to your outdoor kitchen. Whether you use it to heat sauces next to the Big Green Egg or as a complete cooktop for a delicious Indonesian dish. However, PITT is not an ordinary gas cooktop. The burners are directly embedded in the countertop. This is not only practical for maintenance but also adds a beautiful touch to the overall design of your outdoor kitchen.