This is How We Bring Your COOXS Outdoor Kitchen to Life

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Step by step, we bring each COOXS outdoor kitchen to life with passion and attention to the smallest details. What may seem routine to us is precisely what makes us unique. Explore the steps we take, together with you, to bring your COOXS to realization.

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Christiaan Morren
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Step by step, we bring each COOXS outdoor kitchen to life

1. Introduction and Consultation

Everything begins with the initial introduction. We always schedule a personal consultation so that you get to know us, and we get to know you, along with your preferences. This introductory meeting can take place either in the Studio in Kootwijkerbroek [NL] or at your home.

During the introduction, we discuss your preferences together and provide advice on what best suits your needs and the situation. Whether it's about the layout, the selection of accessories, or the colors: we carefully consider every detail in collaboration with you.

2. A Unique Custom Design

Building upon the initial introduction, we dive into creating a unique, customized proposal. This proposal includes a 3D design along with a detailed quote. This way, you have a precise visualization of how your COOXS outdoor kitchen will look, allowing us to proceed with detailed planning.

3. Bringing Your COOXS to Life

Once all the details are clarified, it's time to bring your COOXS to life. Our skilled craftsmen get to work, refining all the details and commencing the production of your kitchen. We coordinate specifics about connections and scheduling with you and any other involved parties, such as landscapers or plumbers.

After approximately 10 weeks, the moment arrives. Your COOXS outdoor kitchen is ready to be installed on-site. Our own installers visit your location and meticulously build the kitchen step by step. Dreams become reality.

4. Ready to enjoy?

The moment has arrived: your COOXS outdoor kitchen is complete and ready for use! Ignite the barbecue, grab a chilled drink from your outdoor refrigerator, and savor the moment. Enjoy the outdoor life with friends and family, bringing your indoor life outside. That's the essence of enjoyment!

If there's anything not to your satisfaction, just let us know, and we'll come by to address it. Our approach after completion remains the same as before: swift and always attentive to detail.