White Outdoor Kitchen: A Modern Eyecatcher Full of Comfort

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Fresh white and modern: a white outdoor kitchen is a real eye-catcher in your garden. At COOXS, all colors are available, including a fully white outdoor kitchen. It's perfectly suited for a contemporary Ibiza-style garden or as a beautiful contrast with darker materials or the greenery in the garden. In this blog, we tell you all about the possibilities of a white outdoor kitchen.

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white outdoor kitchen outdoor kitchen white
A white outdoor kitchen is a real eye-catcher and fits into many garden styles

White on White: Plenty of Possibilities with a Single Color

When thinking of a white outdoor kitchen, one might immediately envision a completely white kitchen. And that certainly is the foundation. But did you know that there are still plenty of possibilities within this? First, the cabinets of every COOXS outdoor kitchen can be made in many different shades of white. From Deep White to Timeless White: there's always a shade that matches your home and garden. Also, with Dekton countertops, you have a wide range of choices. There are solid white countertops in various shades, as well as options with matte or glossy finishes. And if you want to break up the white a bit? Opt for a white marble with subtle veining.

A White Outdoor Kitchen in Your Garden Design

At COOXS, we pay great attention to integrating the outdoor kitchen into your garden design. A kitchen is not an isolated element but a part of your entire garden experience. A white outdoor kitchen is suitable for many garden styles. Do you have an Ibiza-style garden with many light shades or a garden with a lot of greenery? It's important to match the exact shade of white to this for the perfect final result.

Maintaining a White Outdoor Kitchen

A frequently asked question is about the maintenance of a white outdoor kitchen. White is a color where dirt is easily visible. Therefore, this is also an aspect that you should consider carefully. Will your outdoor kitchen be placed under a tree where a lot of dirt falls? Then we advise choosing a countertop with more texture and patterns. Furthermore, cleaning a white outdoor kitchen is just as easy as any other color because dirt does not penetrate into the countertop or coating.

Design Your Own Outdoor Kitchen with Our Outdoor Living Experts

Our outdoor living experts work every day on designing and creating exclusive custom outdoor kitchens. They are also ready to make your dream a reality. Make an appointment now in our inspiring Studio or at your home and be surprised with a unique design.