Outdoor Kitchen with Barbecue: Maximum Enjoyment

An outdoor kitchen is truly complete with a luxurious barbecue. And the options for barbecues are almost endless, so you can choose what suits you best. Will you go for a comfortable gas barbecue or the precise kamado barbecue? Discover the possibilities at COOXS.

Choose a Barbecue that Fits Your Preferences

The outdoor kitchen is the centerpiece of your garden and terrace. It's the place where the day comes together, and you enjoy the last rays of sunshine. By integrating a luxury barbecue into your outdoor kitchen, you maximize this comfort.

In many cases, the multifunctional Big Green Egg barbecue is chosen. This kamado barbecue is not only a real eye-catcher but also the top choice in kamado barbecues. It reaches the right temperature within minutes, is easy to maintain, and offers ultra-precise temperature control. These are just a few of the many positive features of this popular barbecue.

If you prefer a gas barbecue, the design barbecue from the Australian brand Beefeater is often the choice. It offers the same level of precision as a kamado but with the convenience of a simple knob to ignite it.

Choose a Barbecue that Fits Your Preferences
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The Best of Both Worlds? Combine a Kamado and Gas

Do you want both the comfort of a kamado barbecue and the practical convenience of a gas barbecue? You can do that with the exclusive COOXS outdoor kitchens. Both the Beefeater gas barbecue and the Big Green Egg can be built into one suitable unit. This way, you always have the choice between both options when you're grilling. And if you want to complete the comfort, take a look at all the accessories here: from luxury refrigerators to gas burners and induction cooktops. With all these options, your COOXS outdoor kitchen will become the centerpiece of your terrace.