Outdoor kitchen with pizza oven | Luxury in your own garden

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Italy is renowned for its unique culinary culture. When you think of Italy, you often think of fresh pasta and pizza. So, it's no surprise that the leading brand in pizza ovens comes from Italy. Since 1977, Alfa Forni has been designing, producing, and delivering pizza ovens for restaurants and individuals. With an Alfa pizza oven, you have a fresh Italian pizza within reach. The authentic way of baking, which is easy to master at the same time, provides the ultimate taste experience. Enjoying the outdoors at its finest.

A pizza oven creates unforgettable outdoor evenings, is comfortable, and easy to use. You can make the most of your pizza oven by combining it with a COOXS outdoor kitchen. With a COOXS outdoor kitchen, you have everything at your fingertips, from running water to a refrigerator and plenty of storage space. And the Alfa pizza ovens perfectly complement the modern design of COOXS.

The Alfa Forni pizza ovens are available as wood-fired and gas-fired models. This allows you to choose the option that suits you best. If you prefer convenience, then the gas-fired pizza oven is likely to be your preference. If you'd rather cook in the authentic Italian way, then a wood-fired pizza oven is the best option. We can imagine that you see the benefits of both methods. In that case, you can even choose a hybrid oven, allowing you to make the best pizzas using both methods.

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