Fhiaba outdoor refrigerator for outdoor kitchen

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Made of the finest materials with advanced technology and suitable for outdoor use. The outdoor refrigerators from Fhiaba are not just refrigerators. The exclusive stainless steel interior is a feast for the eyes and hygienic to use. In combination with glass and wooden details, this outdoor refrigerator is the perfect refrigerator for your outdoor kitchen. Do you want the perfect unity with the COOXS outdoor kitchen? Have the refrigerator fitted with its front, and it becomes a design piece of furniture that is also very comfortable.

The Fhiaba refrigerators come in two versions: the 'Beverage' and the 'Wine'. With both refrigerators, you can set the temperature in two different zones. In the wine climate cabinet, these temperatures are even specially tailored to the ideal temperature for your wine.

Italian design is known for its refinement down to the smallest details; the Fhiaba refrigerators are no exception. The elegant materials are processed by their own craftsmen in Italy into an ultimate end product that not only brings a lot of comfort but is also a feast for the eyes. Enjoyment on all fronts.

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