PITT cooking in your outdoor kitchen: culinary enjoyment

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Whether you're a barbecue enthusiast or not, PITT cooking gas burners always make the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. The burners, which can be connected to a gas cylinder, are seamlessly integrated into your countertop. This is not only very practical, but also a real eye-catcher in your outdoor kitchen. The burners can be placed next to the Big Green Egg, for example, or used independently to prepare delicious outdoor wok dishes.

The PITT cooking burners can be combined in countless ways. Whether you want a single burner next to your barbecue or a complete stove with 3 burners or more, it's all possible. Thanks to the collaboration between COOXS and PITT cooking, the gas burners can be seamlessly integrated. Explore our outdoor kitchens and discover the possibilities with PITT cooking in COOXS.

PITT cooking and COOXS collaborate closely. And it's for a good reason. As two strong brands with their own identity, there are many similarities. Just like every COOXS, PITT cooking is entirely produced in the Netherlands. Many essential brand values also align. Whether it's about quality or ultimate design, PITT cooking and COOXS work together to create the ultimate outdoor kitchens.

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