The ultimate design outdoor trash bin

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Why can't practical usability and design go perfectly hand in hand? Many owners of a COOXS outdoor kitchen faced challenges in their search for the perfect trash bin to complement their COOXS setup. They wanted one that is practical to use, suitable for outdoor placement, and a visual delight. In response to this demand, COOXS developed the Collects - Bin. It's made from the same materials as COOXS, with a matching eye-catching design and, most importantly, ultimate practical usability.

cx-fromPrice: € 1500,-

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The COOXS Collects - Bin is not just an outdoor trash bin; it's also versatile enough to serve as a pedestal for your art. Its sleek design and premium materials make it a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your outdoor space, perfect for enhancing your overall decor.

The Collects - Bin is equipped with a robust stainless steel inner bin. This makes the waste bin suitable for hot waste, for example, during barbecuing.