Design fire table with gas or bioethanol

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Gathering with friends and family; you do it around the COOXS outdoor kitchen during the most comfortable barbecues. But even when the barbecue has long been extinguished, you will find that outdoor life is far from over. With the Collects - Fire, you have the ultimate fire table to enjoy the late hours after a wonderful summer day. Not only is the Fire a place of happiness, but it is also a feast for the eyes that always blends perfectly with your terrace, thanks to its customized character. Ignite the gas or bioethanol burner and the atmospheric integrated lighting and experience it for yourself.

cx-fromPrice: € 6500,-

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The Fire is equipped with a subtle decorative border that can be fitted with expertly integrated LED lighting. This enhances the appearance of the fire table on your patio even more.

Whether you want a gas burner or prefer a bioethanol burner, it's all possible with the wide range of options within the Collects - Fire collection.