Perfect balance

Target price: € 23.500,-

Incl. assembly and VAT

Modern outdoor kitchen with Dekton countertop

What do you prefer, a subtle kitchen or a striking design? This kitchen has both. The modern shapes and clean lines create a subtle foundation. And with the robust countertop in a chic, high-gloss finish, it becomes a real eye-catcher. The understated luxury materials and comfortable accessories complete the picture. Ready to be enjoyed.

Designer afbeelding

This outdoor kitchen has been designed with passion and precision by:

Christiaan Morren

In the kitchen, a comfortable pizza oven is integrated. The pizza oven from the Italian brand Alfa is unique due to its sleek design. The Alfa oven complements the kitchen's luxurious design with its chic appearance. The advantage of a pizza oven is that it is very easy to use and at the same time offers an authentic way of outdoor cooking.

In this design, the earth-toned modules are combined with a luxurious countertop. This combination is stylish and timeless, allowing you to enjoy it for the long term.