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Target price: € 34.500,-

Incl. assembly and VAT

Elegant outdoor kitchen with Big Green Egg and refrigerator

Are you standing by the outdoor kitchen and then have to walk back for a bottle of wine, cutlery, or anything else? Not pleasant. It's much nicer to have everything within reach. This extensive outdoor kitchen ensures that all the necessities are nearby. The kitchen is equipped with practical drawers and also an outdoor refrigerator and luxury gas burners. All these functions are integrated into a sleek and chic piece of furniture.

Designer afbeelding

This outdoor kitchen has been designed with passion and precision by:

Christiaan Morren

Everything you could wish for within reach. With the built-in refrigerator, you can always provide yourself and your guests with chilled drinks and it's also ideal for keeping the barbecue ingredients fresh. The Big Green Egg is the classic among barbecues. With this all-rounder, you can prepare dishes at a gourmet level. Enjoy extended grilling sessions on the weekends.

This luxury outdoor kitchen is executed in an elegant color scheme with brown-bronze cabinets and a countertop with exclusive golden veins. Totally contemporary and ready for the future.