Design your outdoor kitchen in your own style

A high-quality design takes shape with the best materials. In fact, your outdoor kitchen becomes an eye-catcher when you choose the luxury materials that suit you and your garden. COOXS offers you a wide range of high-quality materials, all of which are covered by our quality guarantees. Discover it for yourself and contact us for a consultation at your home.

The very best quality and a luxurious appearance

At COOXS, we are not satisfied with B-quality. All the materials we use are tested for outdoor suitability. That's why we work with Dekton countertops. Extremely durable ceramic that you can confidently spill a glass of wine on without worrying about stains.

Quality is one thing, but the appearance must also be of high quality. All COOXS materials are carefully selected for aesthetics. And it's not just the material. It is also precision-cut to size. Finishing down to the last detail, which is in line with our quality guarantee.