Aluminum outdoor kitchen: sleek design and low maintenance

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The cabinets of COOXS outdoor kitchens are made of aluminum. And we don't just use any aluminum for this. At COOXS, we opt for solid aluminum to create a robust base with a sleek appearance. The aluminum is finished with a luxurious powder coating in a fine texture that is available in hundreds of colors. This way, your outdoor kitchen always fits perfectly in your garden.

The aluminum of the COOXS outdoor kitchen can be finished in a choice of 210 RAL colors. This allows you to select a color that suits your preferences. The color is applied to the aluminum through a powder coating process, creating a durable layer with a fine texture. This gives your outdoor kitchen a luxurious appearance that is easy to clean with a cloth.

Every COOXS kitchen is carefully customized. We combine luxury materials with comfortable accessories for an optimal result. Would you like to see more examples of COOXS' gems?

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