Custom Outdoor Kitchen with Bar in Forest Garden Soest

Locatie Soest

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

In this charming forest garden, an atmospheric garden has been created. A custom outdoor kitchen has been chosen as the central point in the garden. The outdoor kitchen with a bar combines modern design with ultimate comfort. At the heart of the outdoor kitchen is a Beefeater gas barbecue, providing the ultimate outdoor cooking experience. Combined with the sink and faucet, the comfort is complete.

In collaboration with Bunt Hoveniers.


The garden of this villa has undergone a complete makeover. At the heart of the garden design is the COOXS outdoor kitchen. Given this prominent location, a striking design was chosen. The timeless, dark color scheme perfectly matches the characteristic green surroundings. By equipping the outdoor kitchen with exclusive appliances and adding a bar at the rear, it has become a place to gather and fully enjoy an exceptional outdoor lifestyle.