Mediterranean outdoor kitchen with high-quality appliances

Locatie Amsterdam

Clean lines, Mediterranean colors

In the heart of Amsterdam, this eccentric villa stands tall. The residents opted for a Mediterranean style with a modern undertone. The outdoor kitchen, complete with exclusive features, takes center stage in the garden. The outdoor kitchen is generously equipped with a kamado, gas barbecue, gas burner, and a luxurious wine cooler. Thanks to this rich palette of colors and equipment, there is an outdoor kitchen that serves as the foundation for enjoying the outdoors all summer long.

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At its core, a modern and sleek design approach was chosen. A distinctive feature is the complete ceramic enclosure of the kamado barbecue. This design isolates the kamado within the overall design, creating depth. The clean lines are softened by the warm color of the cabinets and the natural stone backdrop.

 Outdoor kitchen with gas barbecue and Kamado Joe. Mediterranean outdoor kitchen with Kamado Joe. luxury design outdoor kitchen