COOXS: a sustainable choice in all its facets

  • Sustainable character of COOXS

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The foundation of sustainability is the quality of the product, and therefore the answer to the consumer society. That's why every COOXS outdoor kitchen is fundamentally designed with a focus on long-term quality.

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Just as sustainability is connected to quality, quality is connected to warranty and service. Did you know that you get a lifetime warranty on the ceramic of a Big Green Egg barbecue?

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Chain Integration

COOXS's partners are also working towards a sustainable future. For example, the Dekton used for the countertops is CO2 neutral throughout its entire lifecycle, from the extraction of the raw material to the use of the product, to the end of its life.

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The materials from which the COOXS outdoor kitchens are made are highly recyclable. For example, the aluminum from your kitchen can be processed into new products after long-term use. Did you know that 75% of the aluminum ever produced worldwide is still in use today?

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Not only in its products but also within the company, COOXS is working towards a sustainable future. Whether it's the gas-free company building or the separation and recycling of all waste and residual metals.

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The production of your COOXS outdoor kitchen is carried out in the most sustainable way possible. For example, when cutting the material, there is always an emphasis on ideal 'nesting' to ensure as little material as possible is wasted. And whatever is lost? That is recycled into new metals.